Saturday, October 4, 2008

Introducing Pecs Club Ning Group

I created MakingPECSCards yahoo group in January of 2004. Initially I wanted to start a Pecs Club where people meet at a location to share and create picture cards. Today I established a Ninggroup that is called Pecs Club. This is an extension of the Yahoo group and a way to meet other parents and professionals that utilize picture cards, schedule boards and pecs with those on the autism spectrum and other related disabilities.

There are now over 515 members in the group. I have kept out spam with approval of all new members. There is a mix of members that covers professionals in the field, therapists, teachers, parents and assistants. There are issues with email bounces at Yahoo and it is hard to utilize a search for older groups.

I have joined and taken part in almost a dozen Ning groups and like that members can create groups, join groups, share photos, videos and blog posts while meeting new people who share similar interests and family issues.

This will be an easy way to share picture cards, get feedback on picture cards and schedule boards, gain insights into IEP goals and learn about other communication devices, who funds these and what is appropriate for a nonverbal child, teen and adult.

If you are new to picture cards, not sure what a communication device is, need help in acquiring cards, just got a diagnosis or have a child with a speech delay you are more than welcome to join the Pecs Club Ning Group. This invite is also open to professionals who work at various companies or organiztions. Teachers, therapists and those who supoort and assist those in the school setting are more than welcome.

I look forward to this being a successful group. I am not looking for it to be the most popular or getting a large membership. I am hoping for active participation, especially since the school year is now in full swing and we all need support, feedback, guidance and asistance.

Feel free to tell others who have kids with special needs that are nonverbal, have a speech delay, use devices, picture cards or wanting to learn to teach their student or child.

Share pictures of your kids with their picture cards and showcase the schedule boards and activity cards. Tell others how you laminate the cards, which size cards so you prefer, have you ever used black and white line drawings, which side of the velcro do you attach to the card?


Frogs' mom said...

That is a great idea. One of the reasons our school gave for not wanting to implement PECS for the nonverbal autistic students was all the work it takes to make the little cards - can you imagine!

This will be very helpful for a lot of people :0)

Unknown said...

Great idea. Good luck with it all.

Betsy Brock said...

Hi! It was so great to see your picture on my site! It's always wonderful to meet other moms with similar kids! My triplets used PECS for several years. Two of them have moved on to typing. I look forward to visiting with you! I'm putting you on my blogroll right now....

Blogger said...

I'll help spread the word, I know many parents with children with autism.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, Bonnie. I found a web site that you might already be familiar with, but if not, I thought I'd pass it along:

It looks like a good resource.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could have had something like this when my son was younger. When I first asked his teacher for PECS, she handed me her notebook and said, "I don't really know how to do this. If you could figure it out and let me know that would be great." My son is now 12 and is verbal and doing great, but this is such an awesome thing for parents who are just learning to live with Autism. I think it's great!

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