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First Virtual Stop For In My Mind Tour

Welcome to the first stop of the Virtual Book Tour, 'Globe Trottin' for Autism In My Mind : The World Through the Eyes of Autism by Adonya Wong. Adonya's tour runs from January 19 to January 29.

January 6, 2009 marked the world-wide release of her children's book, In My Mind: The World Through the Eyes of Autism. This is available as an eBook and with the purchase of the book customers receive an audio version in Adonya's own voice. Check out the podcast Adonya did with Autism Hangout.

Adonya's son is named Nicholas, same as my older son. Besides both being on the autism spectrum, they share other similarities as both are not fond of dogs, schooled at home, have artistic talents in drawing, plus received their autism diagnoses from School Psychologists before their fourth birthdays.

In My Mind is how Adonya perceives Nicholas's thoughts on the world around him and based on his actions how the world views him. In My Mind is also a tool for him someday to learn more about himself and autism. I agree about utilizing books to help kids gain insights into their own diagnosis. We had numerous books to guide my son Nicholas into autism awareness. Now he is at the point where he will offer opinions on whether a child at autism daycamp is low, medium or high functioning.

I recall many years ago reading that yellow is a common favorite color of kids on the autism spectrum. I noticed on the pages of In My Mind that yellow stood out on his shirt, scarf, duck and shower curtain. The illustrator really captured the likeness of her son Nicholas within the pages of In My Mind, as noted in this Tulsa article.

In My Mind : The World Through the Eyes of Autism is a book for kids of all ages to see what makes a child happy and how those thoughts are brought to life through a Mother's vision. The dreams, fantasies and motions of one child on the autism spectrum will open the eyes and spark conversation among readers.

This is a great opportunity to start discussions on the autism spectrum within a classroom of students, at a support group with family members and parents. It is also appropriate for one on one with a therapist to initiate a dialogue on the illustrations within In My Mind where a child can share what their hopes and dreams are in the future.

My son Nicholas viewed the fifteen page ebook with me and shared his impression:

"It shows nice things that the boy is doing when really all he is doing is nothing but seemingly happy just the same." His favorite pages were nine - having fun on a roller coaster with animals and a cowboy along with page twelve inside the bathtub with the snorkel and his hand up in the air waving.

One lucky reader will win a gift basket containing an autographed copy of In My Mind, a copy of Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wish You Knew, packages of Enjoy Life™ and Namaste Foods™ goodies, and an eco-friendly cleaning starter kit (Whole Foods® 365™ brand), and (1) $50 gift card!! This prize is valued at $200. The winner will be announced 4 days after the tour ends (Adonya will revisit each blog to retrieve names).

**Simply comment about your relationship with autism, what you are doing to raise awareness, and how In My Mind has touched your life. Be sure to visit all of her stops to qualify for this amazing prize!**

In My Mind, I see many colors, bright like a rainbow, shooting about like comets in the night sky. [turn page] What you see is a child staring into nothing.

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To learn about her book, In My Mind, and living with autism, please visit her at Through the Eyes of Autism website and Blog!

A portion of the author’s proceeds benefit Autism Center of Tulsa (formerly Tulsa Autism Foundation).

Adonya's book is available at Amazon and a bookstore near you!

In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism (Tate Publishing 2009)
Published: January 6, 2009
Genre: Children’s Fiction
ISBN 10: 1-60696-601-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-60696-601-3
28 Pages (full-color paperback)
$9.99 (includes audio book version)

I asked author, Adonya Wong, the following two questions. Her responses are in bold:

1. How would you describe your Nicholas in a few words - what sums him up?

What an excellent question. Trains are currently Nicholas's passion. He has an old timey electric train set, a train calendar (that he somehow managed to instantly locate in a store of hundreds of other themes), a train magazine... he's borderline obssessed. ;) So, summing him up is challenging, but I'll do my best. If he continues down this path, his claim to fame may be as the designer of a zero emissions locomotive.

2. His hands are always outstretched or doing something within the pages of In My Mind, except for the coloring page - is this based on your son doing the same movements?

Yes. Nicholas can often be observed flailing his arms about. It's almost as if he's conducting some music or directing a scene because the flailing is usually coordinated with a song he may be listening to or something he's watching. In my observations, I've learned that his flailing is like his own language because if you pay close attention, you can see when he's "drawing" something in the air or coordinating his hands in such a way that they form letters. It isn't ASL because we never took classes for that, but it sometimes looks like it is.

Please remember to ask your questions in the comments when sharing about your autism connection. Good luck in winning the prize. I look forward to following along the tour and seeing the comments.


Michelle said...

Hi Bonnie!
I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog.
I've been reading through your blog... there's so much helpful information here! I have two good friends with Autistic children, I'm going to send them here!
Also, I was the team captain for our company team for the San Diego Walk for Autism, last year we raised a little over $1,000 - every little bit helps!!
Thanks for all you do,

Tracy(bookroomreviews) said...

I love your comment about your son using his hands to draw in the air. Just lovely. My son is five and was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age four also. I just started reviewing books on Autism for my blog to raise awareness and participating in groups. I plan on doing more. Your book looks darling. Is it available as a hard copy? Please enter me in the fantastic giveaway. Great Review Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful review, Bonnie! This looks like an enjoyable, helpful book.

My Three Sons said...

Hello, just wanted to stop in and say hello. My two year old has Sensory Processing Disorder and he will be tested in March for Autism. I have my doubts after doing a lot of research but we will see.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and feel free to say hello every once in a while.

Dadof6Autistickids said...

Hi Bonnie and Adonya,

Our Ammon (5) is our 'conductor'. He generally does this when watching Teletubbies or watching a door close. And he enjoys it SO much. I hope your book tour goes well and that you are able to touch the world inside and outside of Autism.

Lisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and please tell me how you find the time to do all you do! Trish at Another Piece of the Puzzle is one of my closest friends and I know how challenging her life is with one child on the autism spectrum. You seem like an incredible person with so much to offer the world. I will be following you in your journey.

KimDean-Art4Autism said...

YOur are a wonderful writer and I do plan on getting your book. I also want to thank you for your support and tweets. I am lucky to have found such a great group of girls on the net.
Cheers to you.

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