Friday, February 27, 2009

Listing of Games from Twitter Party

There was a party on twitter Friday, Feb 27, 2009. The topic was board games with #timetoplay the hashtag. This was a sitewarming party for Time To Play Mag. "TimetoPlay is a site about family entertainment/toys"

Many twitter members were sharing their favorite games and I wanted to keep track of those being tweeted so I have compiled a list of them. I will begin first with the ones I posted on:

1. Kerplunk
2. Battleship
3. Connect Four
4. Uno
5. Checkers
6. Topple It
7. Air Hockey table game
8. Leap Frog Memory Mate
9. Leap Frog Spell & Match
10. Lego Bionicle
11. K'nex
12. Parcheesi
13. Pegboards
14. Operation
15. Chinese Checkers

Now the list of games that was tweeted on:

Banagrams is a word tile like Scrabble

The great thing about Banangrams is that since each person has own grid, 6+ can play.and you can handicap for kids #timetoplay

Sequence by Jax is a great learning game

Rummikub is coming out, FINALLY, with a Jr version

PERFECTION has the weird shapes and timer

Wild Planet, who makes Hyperdash, makes a version for younger kids called Animal Scramble

Best part of Stratego..placing the bombs

Card Games from GAMEWRIGHT, they have the best card games for kids 6+


Battling Tops

Wig Out

Hottest toy this Spring: Skimboard Surfer. Boogie Board for the backyard

Sidewalk Crayons washes away just like chalk

Best Game EVER that didnt make it: Shout!

Guess Who

Scene It

Wait to you see the new Candy Land, in which you build your own path


the new Chicken Limbo is called Giraffalaff - similar game, new character, lots of fun

they added two new characters to Candy Land this year - the game is celebrating 60 years

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Wack a Mole


Hasbro's coming out with a new Game of Life based on extreme reality - should be fun

Twister Hopscotch

Chutes and Ladders

Uno Flash

Uncle Wiggly Game

Apples to Apples Jr

Guillotine card game


Old Maid

Caterpillar Color Race by Discovery Toys


Barrel of Monkeys

Hi Ho Cherry

Rummy Royal





Mouse Trap


Battle of the Sexes

39 Clues best for 8-12 somewhere around that age





Tic Tac Toe

Pic Up Sticks

Simon Says

Qwitch is a card game w/ numbers & letters, you each get 1/2 the deck and the here are + - & = cards, it's fast moving & fun

another GREAT game for the little crowd that gets them moving is Hyper Dash or Hyper Jump






Go For broke



Anonymous said...

Great list of games. I really missed out a large part of the #timetoplay party today. still haven't figured out how to use tweetdeck..thanks for putting up the list. I haven't tried/seen many of the games listed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the list of games discussed during the Family Game Night party! It was our first Twitter party and it rocked! Hope it inspired some game nights over the past weekend :) It did in our house, we played Scrabble.

Unknown said...

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