Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter RDI Chat Log

This is a log of the tweets that were done using #RDI for the chat Friday, April 24, 2009 with the RDI Founder Steve Gutstein.

RDI stands for Relationship Development Intervention program - new book out called The RDI Book, read chapter at

A copy of the RDI Book will be given away during this chat as well #RDI this therapy is for PDD, autism, aspergers

RDI embraces the premise that all family members must be nurtured and cared for and that they all sink or swim together #RDI from the book

It is becoming increasingly clear to scientists that ASD derive from the failure of the brain to develop normal dynamic functioning. #RDI

here are some questions I have for @steveamherst on #RDI What are the most significant ways that RDI differs from floortime?

what are the age ranges for RDI, can a teen start doing RDI if not had any other therapies #RDI

Is RDI helpful 4 persons on the spectrum w/little language (verbal OR visual) and behavior probs?

RDI is not one specific technique. It is a new way of approaching ASD that can benefit anyone on the spectrum

RDI is based on empowering families

RDI is also based on recognizing that people with ASD are highly diverse in most ways

any tips for families dealing with self injurious behavior in young autistic children

RDI goal is providing potential for quality of life for folks with ASD

a new link now saying autism and anorexia, last few weeks was to vinyl flooring, what do you make of all these?

RDI consultants work with families on bio psycho social levels to customize

Process is disrupted in ASD due to neurological difficulties so dynamic intelligence doesnt develop

RDI started about 1999. Now 205 certified consultants, about 3,000 families in 18 countries

can you define "dynamic" functioning

What feedback do you receive most often from RDI families? (I'm an RDI parent. Husband & I have 11 yo Aspergers)

Parents report significant increase in child's flexibility

Parents report tremendous increase in child's desire to "open" their world to new experiences

Dynamic functioning means being able to solve real-world problems and participate in the flow of everyday life

can you give an example in flexibility?

RDI is also based on recognizing that people with ASD are highly diverse in most ways

Dynamic Intelligence is the single most important predictor of future success

any advice for parents of kids who are biters to themselves - self injurious behaviors?

do RDI consultants come to IEP meetings? Do they help with goals? how many hours does one usually do of RDI a week

For self injurious we first need to understand why

Is the behavior an avoidance? Is it a temporal lobe dysfunction?

What people with ASD have in common is that their brains don't develop in integrated manne

is there any connection to stuttering and autism?

People with ASD are much too diverse to ever give an "ASD answer" or solution without knowing that individual

what is the oldest person you know of who receives RDI

I am suspicious of those professionals who claim they know "the answers" for everyone on the spectrum

any advice on perseverations for a teen, should they be limited to specific times to speak on favorite topic?

my son is HFA (14) homeschooled for Middle school yrs, was in gen ed, he needs to say good bye to animal tv shows

If your teen wants to perseveratively talk to him or herself I wouldn't try to limit it. But I wouldn't let them do it with you

he was so upset crying the other day because the cat distracted him & he could not say goodbye to show, stumped me

RDI consultants can help you with IEP's. You and they set very specific goals and have very clear objectives

RDI is teaching your family how to be super functional and you to be optimal guide of children's mental development.

third person to tweet to me what RDI stands for gets the new RDI Book

can you explain the readiness stage of RDI

what are yr thoughts on taking RDI to developing countries where the need for need is great but the cost of RDI too high?

No connection I know of between stuttering and ASD

People with ASD typically have several co-occurring disorders

I like the information on scaffolding in The RDI Book, can you explain about that now

what are yr thoughts on taking RDI to developing countries where help is needed but cost of RDI to high

I love the fact that #RDI equips parents to be the ultimate guides as they work through process as a family. Progressive!

what are your thoughts on eye contact, is it required with #RDI?

Scaffolding is learning how to take a mental process and gradually transfer it from yourself to the child

We carefully select a mental objective from the approx 1,000 I wrote that are developmentally staged

We make sure child is ready and we have developed mental foundations for it

good info in the RDI Book on meaningful activities, can you share some here on twitter?

Then parents and consultant collaborate on a plan to break it into small steps and gradually transfer responsibility for it

how does RDI work with nonverbal kids, do consultants use pecs or devices, are they trained or learn thru family?

We are carefully building dynamic brains and minds

Responsibility means the child knows that from now on they are responsible for the mental process

Something like Piaget's scaffolding/concrete operational stage? Systematic

For example - from now on child must check to see that he or she is coordinating actions with partners

Or checking to see if others understand and are interested in what he is communicating

For older kids augmented communication might be necessary to provide purely instrumental, means-to-ends communication

Professionals can go to our website and find out information about becoming an RDI consultant

last call for questions for RDI Founder Steve Gutstein @steveamherst

It takes about 12-18 months but folks can do almost all training (except 3 wks.) in their local area

Your thoughts on RDI in conjuction with other therapies (ABA, VB, Floortime, etc) vs a 'strict' RDI approach?

OK. Well I have to get to the airport. Thanks for the opportunity

thanks to all who participated in #RDI chat sorry about twitter glitch

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