Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chica Children's Hammock for Autism Twitter Day Prize

Kids Dream Gym is donating this Chica Children's Hammock that is for kids ages 3-10 as a prize for autism twitter day. You can visit their website to see their other products as well.

The specifications are as follows:

☼ Cloth surface: 140 x 100cm
☼ Total length: 230cm
☼ Carrying capacity: 50kg
☼ Product wight: 0.7kg

☼ Product will be delivered in cotton bag matching hammock in color, fabric and design. This bag can be used as a cushion cover.

Directions for hanging up the hammock either indoors or outside on a tree. Parental supervision is necessary for this product.

Please be certain you can hang this inside or outside your home before trying for this prize on autism twitter day.

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