Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playtime with Zeebu for AutismTwitter Day

Playtime with Zeebu is donating the DVD and Zeebu puppet for autism twitter day.

Playtime with Zeebu is to help your child think socially through interactive play and designed specifically for children diagnosed with autism, PDD-NOS, nonverbal learning disorder, ADD/ADHD and developmental delays.

You can sign your child up for the Zeebu Kids Club to receive games each month. Check out the calming techniques video, making choices or spotlighting emotions at their website. Puppet show ideas and user guide.

Zeebu and his friends let the child experience “perspective taking” or “theory of mind.” Creator Kimberly L. Gallo has two children on the autism spectrum and started Playtime with Zeebu in their playroom.

This prize is available to US and Canadian twitter members.

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