Saturday, July 19, 2008

Autism Reviewer Book Swap

There are two ways I obtain books that I review over on Autism Spectrum Disorders @ BellaOnline. I receive many selections from either the Author directly or from their Publisher, as well as ordering books on amazon monthly with my gift certificate earnings from being an Associate.

I regularly tag books and other items I have and rate the products and reviews. I even added a few customer images to products that did not have any displayed. My wish list covers seven pages consisting of 167 products. As time permits I have written 224 reviews that are condensed versions. I am also a reviewer on Epinions, where reviews are posted as well.

The problem is having a large quantity of books in a small house with two kids on the autism spectrum. Before school let out for the summer our five shelf bookcase collapsed, leaving me with two footlockers and six plastic containers filled with book collections. I hope to convert to the Amazon Kindle by the holidays or with the next tax return. There are books that I want to keep in our library that I reference often, but a good number of them can be shared with other families and bloggers.

This is my idea. I have a list of books that I can share with families. This will help others who have a website or blog and looking for books to review and it gives the author another review for the same book that can be done at various outlets like Amazon and Epinions.

I joined Good Reads and went through all 43 pages of books that showed up in the autism search. I placed many on my list that I will review in the near future and made note of those that I have yet to peruse. I created an Autism Families and Professionals group. I would like those interested in sharing their books to join the group, post a comment here with their interest in any books I have listed and also to mention their blog, website and the books they can offer for this Autism Reviewer Book Swap.

I am interested in hearing from authors as well. We can help one another to get the word out about your book and share our opinions at the same time. The books can be shared with more than one other person and records of who has which book will be organized at the group at Good Reads.

Feel free to share feedback and interest on this idea. I hope there are others wanting to share their books in this swap system. This post will be used to update books that are available.

Books that are up for grabs for reviewers:

Take Him Home and Love Him

Child of Mine

Feelings to share from A to Z

When Sophie Gets Angry

Autism and Me

The Incredible 5 Point Scale

Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes


Daisy said...

Sounds like you're way ahead of me in reading. Did you read/review "Look me in the Eye"? I enjoyed it. I also see a lot of fiction with characters that just seem to shout "on the spectrum!" when I read. I often wonder if the author intended this or if I'm simply reading into the quirks.

JoyMama said...

Whoo - I just suddenly became very aware of how much reading I have not done.

I find I have to ration my spectrum-related reading, spreading it out among my escapist reading and my take-my-mind-in-other-directions reading. Perhaps I'll sneak in a review or two at some point though.

Casdok said...

Wow you sound so busy! But must be very rewarding.

T. said...

I have an use The Incredible 5 Pt Scale. It's amazing.

The Sophie book looks really good.

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