Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Introduction to Autism Family Adventures

I have been writing online since January of 2000, starting at Epinions. In June of 2005 I became the Editor at site at BellaOnline. I also did a spin at the Insurance and Children's TV sites at BellaOnline for a few years.

I will be using this Autism Family Adventures Blog for posts that do not fit at BellaOnline and to share about sites and resources I find along my travels. The id "autismfamily" is not new for me since this is the ID I utilize at many sites.

Perhaps you have sold an autism awareness item to me or purchased books from me when I was selling items. I have the ID autismfamily on ebay as well.

I stated a yahoo group in January of 2004 entitled, MakingPECSCards. There are now 480 members. I implemented Round Robins, which are similar to coupon trains, but we share pecs or picture cards instead of coupons. If you are a parent, teacher, therapist, aide or professional feel free to join. There are links, photos and files at the group for your perusal. The Round Robins are for those in the USA and Canada.

I am also known as "autismfamily" on CafeMom. The two groups I started there are Wish Upon A Hero Members and Autism Resources

I have granted wishes at Wish Upon A Hero under the autismfamily ID. There is a large autism community at that site.

I have an ebook, Educational Autism Tips For Families

I run several groups on gather, including Autism Families and AC Writers for those who want to bring attention to their articles on Associated Content.

I have a profile over at MyLot and have written a few articles on >Associated Content and Helium. I am also on FriendFeed, Myspace, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Cre8buzz, Plurk, Mom Logic,Oozzl, Healia, Trusera, MedHelp and Revolution Health.

I am moving my way around the internet joining sites and meeting new people that may or may not have an autism connection. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing what goes on in an autism family.


Trish (wheresthebox) said...

I am so glad to see this blog! I enjoy reading your comments on my blog but your homepage doesn't have a place to comment to you or see your personal thoughts, so this is great!

autismfamily said...

The lack of comments was the incentive to start this blog. I was feeling left out of the autism community loop.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing site. I have a great-niece who most in the family believe have autism to some degree on the spectrum but her parents are willing to hear it yet. So we just kind of quietly try to educate ourselves and help her as much as we can as laypeople. You provide a great resource!

Kgraham said...

It's great to meet you :) You stopped over at my blog today and so I've been poking around yours!!! Do you mind if I share some of your thoughts, with credit and links, on my blog Let me know... Thanks :)

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