Saturday, September 27, 2008

A BidetSpa is what this Autism Family needs

I was very excited to read a blog post on a new bidet toilet seat that was being utilized by a special needs girl in the same age range as my nonverbal autistic son Matthew. I have wanted a bidet for years and have researched styles and brands often. My favorites folder has several saved from various searches.

The one and only time I have ever seen a bidet toilet was during my high school years back in New Jersey. A friend had a modern white house with an intercom system, a button to call the fire department, (which I did by accident once) and the bidet in a large bathroom.

Since my adult years I have been plagued with Hemorrhoids. My Mother mentioned to me long ago she had them, so this might be another hereditary thing that passed on to me like the asthma and eczema I have been plagued with my whole life.

In fact, several years ago I had contact with my first husband (86-89) for some reason I cannot recall, and the first thing he asked me, (with his brother on the other phone) was if I still had Hemorrhoids. That was a reminder to me of why I left him in the first place, very childish. Who wants to be remembered for their Hemorrhoids? The horror of it all. I learned earlier this year that he passed away a year ago in a car accident.

My nonverbal son Matthew is on the autism spectrum and has sensory issues as well. He has had two solid bowel movements in his twelve years that I can recall. The first one was the day he went on Ensure Plus from regular milk. The second time was the first day he started taking Risperdal. This was in 2003 when the antipsychotic was prescribed only for Schizophrenia treatment and has since added autistic disorder. Their father suffers from Paranoid Schizophrena. I have sole physical and legal custody. All my family is in New Jersey and we are in California. I am the home health care worker for my son Matthew through the State of California. (IHSS)

Matthew liked the Ensure Pudding and moved on to soy yogurt for a few years and now has regular vanilla pudding or french pudding yogurt once in awhile in his lunch at school. He also tried the Naturade Total Soy drink supplement before just drinking regular soymilk and rice drink. I have been toying with the idea of adding Almond Milk to his diet.

Matthew has been wearing the Huggies GoodNites for many years now. Insurance covers five cases per month.

We have been living in a duplex for ten years now with one bathroom. There is a small window that opens out to the neighbors driveway and entrance gate to their house. The venilation fan stopped working last summer and I have an oscillating tower fan hooked up to an extension cord under a rug to the outlet. With the addition of the feral cat from outside who broke his leg one year ago, his litter box is now in the bathroom as well.

This is one of the hottest rooms in the house and unbearable for me with my severe eczema. I am regularly prescribed Prednisone and have even received a shot of cortisone in the ER a few years ago and earlier this year at a clinic. The side effects are depression, mood swings, personality changes, weight gain and vision issues. I have been through all these side effects, with vision problems now surfacing. I recently learned my Mother had cataracts, so that might be next for me.

I am a single mother to two boys on opposite ends of the autism spectrum. They are fifteen months apart at 12 and 13. I homeschool Nicholas who is now in seventh grade. Matthew just started Middle School, takes the bus with his male aide. He is in a MRS class, which means Mental Retardation Severe. He never received speech therapy last year due to shortage within LAUSD and now he is on wait list at his present school. He also receives Adaptive PE and Occupational Therapy. There was feeding therapy for five years and one year of Floortime in the home.

Matthew has several diaper changes a day, sometimes as often as every half hour. I mentioned earlier he has had two solid bowel movements. It is very rare for a diaper to be filled with just urine. I would characterize the diaper contents similar to creamy peanut butter.

Due to my severe eczema I can only use one kind of baby wipes, since the others have ingredients that burn my hands. I cannot wear any type of glove beside cotton gloves, (due to a latex allergy) that I have purchased in the past by the dozen on ebay and currently at Walgreens for five dollars a pair. I hardly use detergent at the laundromat due to my sensitivities, nor do I use dryer sheets, bleach or softener. The cotton gloves do not last long and my son has had many rashes.

With a BidetSpa I would get the relief needed from the posterior wash and the feminine wash while my son will get a more thorough cleaning without having to endure wipes, Baby Powder and rash cream. He is in Middle School and in Physical Education, doing laps around the track while wearing a diaper. I cannot do this alone and have purchased The Potty Journey and Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism books for guidance.

With the addition of the BidetSpa we would save money on purchasing all the extras, my skin would not have to endure a hot bathroom and Matthew would be cleaner with less irritation. This is the one component we need to start toilet training and would be a blessing for all of us.

Just last year we got a new toilet seat and a few days ago a new flapper for the toilet since it broke in half before Matthew got home and the landlord was next door working - perfect timing for once. We would love the remote control, if that is included in the giveaway. The automatic deodorizer sounds like a dream for us and the bathroom. All the features including the soft lid are appealing to this autism family household. My 13 year old would even share his opinion in a review posted here on the blog and another more extensive one at the Autism Spectrum Disorders site and we may even be able to get the product added to the Epinions site.

The BidetSpa features include a Urine Spray Guard and an Occupie Seat Sensor, which means it will only work when someone is sitting on it and not from pushing buttons.

This family will be a happy CleanButt family. I already ordered the Free 8 minute DVD to learn more about their product. Please keep your fingers crossed that we win the giveaway, and if you are in the Los Angeles area you may come over and test it out, when Matthew is in school.


Polly said...

Hello - the bidet toilet sounds very interesting and had me puzzled as I was trying to get my head around the plumbing of it. Does it have two sources of water supply or does it use the water from the cistern?
On the other matter - have you ever tried Colax these are tablets that contain aloe vera, acidophilus, liquorice, fennel, dandelion, buckthorn, rhubarb, green anise, mallow and peppermint.

I hope that you get the bidet - I've always thought how wonderful they are but didn't realise that this sort was available.

hellokittiemama said...

I used one once when I was in Japan. Didn't realize what all the buttons were on the electronic toilet and got quite the surprise!!!

I hope you guys get the Bidet because it does sound like it would be a great ASSet for you guys :) (couldn't resist!!!)


Casdok said...

Ive seen one but never used one. But sounds as though it would be fab for your family. So i do hope that you win!

Elizabeth Channel said...

If anyone deserves that bidet, you do Bonnie! I sincerely hope you win!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Good luck with the giveaway! I hope you win too!

Osh said...

I will cross my fingers for you!

A little boy just 2 years old said...

Hey! I logged on this morning to 'notjustalabel' to find that I have my first official 'follower'. I have sat down to read your blog and find myself with a burning question. I admit, I don't really have the time to read up on all the past entrys (which you can rest assured I will soon), so maybe you've already answered this question... so forgive me if you have.

DS is being tested for Celiac Disease (bloodwork due back any day). He has also NEVER had a solid stool (ok, 2 that I remember as well) and we decided to finally ask more detailed questions to the Ped. I haven't posted on the blog about this yet b/c Grandma keeps up with us via blog and I can't bear to worry her with this until I know for sure.

Anyway...... has your Matthew ever been tested for Celiac? If not, google it...I'd love to know!

Ligeia said...

Hi =)

I know how you feel. Im a mother of 5 (soon to be 6) Youngest two are autistic ages 6 and 3. Ones classical and one is mild. Thought I was having a time with the 6yr old pooping all the time and wont potty train. I hope you get the potty , Im gonna check it out myself!

jj-momscashblog said...

Hope you get what you want, especially if it will help out your family life. Good Luck

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