Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The To Do List Begins

My nonverbal son Matthew starts school tomorrow. Once he graduated Elementary School in June there was six weeks of summer day camp. After that commenced we had almost four weeks of down time at home.

While autism camp was in session I was able to do laundry and grocery shopping, but during this break Matthew had to accompany me everywhere I went. Several times this meant enduring an attack from behind if I took too long making a choice in an aisle. Waiting too long at the Pharmacy Counter produced similar results. Errands worked best if we went directly to the coloring book section so he could pick one out. But then he wanted to get home so he could color.

I have now compiled my To Do list of errands and things I can do that will go smoother and faster.

Get the car washed
Go to laundromat
Grocery Shopping
Take Nicholas for a haircut
Clothes Shopping
Go to the library
Take Nicholas Bowling
See a Movie with Nicholas
Visit the Zoo with Nicholas
Take Nicholas to Community Day
Paint over the fingerprints on the walls
Take Nick to Dentist for fillings/root canal
Find an Ortho for consult for Nick - needs braces
Find an Eye Dr for me - need exam, new glasses, no vision Ins
Follow up with Dentist for me - need new Dentures, no dental Ins
Take the cat to Vet - flea bath, trim nails
Get back to 24 hour fitness for daily workouts
Start swim lessons for Nicholas
Practice riding a bike - in neighbor's driveway with their bike
Take Nicholas to get hearing and vision test

At home we will no longer have to walk around the kitchen holding our food and plates away from his fingers. Glasses of milk will no longer get dipped by his fingers. The ice cream container will not get squeezed. I will not have to trip over the vacuum cord because he is playing with it while I try to maneuver it away from his grip.

I might not have to lock the bathroom door or see his feet under the door way banging on the door. My face will not be mashed against his while I sit at the computer. Constant running through the hallway and banging the walls will not occur constantly. I am sure there is more that I will be aware of tomorrow and as the quiet days arrive.

I hope to get a lot accomplished during the day so that I can attend to his needs once he gets off the bus. Transitions for the whole family - earlier dinner time and sooner to bed for everyone.

Cheers to a new day.


Holly Nappi Collins said...

Hi Bonnie,

I like your site and will add you to my bloglist too. I can relate to having two autistic kids on different ends of the spectrum and about juggling life and errands!


Talair said...

I've also been contemplating what I'll be able to get done with both my kids in school this year. But at the same time, I'm sure we'll all miss them, too.

hellokittiemama said...

Let us know how school goes. I hope you get the needed break and also cross off lots of stuff from your To-Do list! That's a lot of stuff on there - you are ambitious!

Life of a Juggernaut said...

I SO relate to your post. A lot of those nuisances that you mentioned are in our home too! WOW! I am looking forward to hearing more about your struggles and how you overcome them. Your kindred blog friend - andrea

tanyasavko said...

I, too, have an endless, evolving To-Do list. Some of the things sit on there for months while waiting for my sons to visit their dad. It always feels so good to check things off the list! Hope you have a good week.

Frogs' mom said...

Sounds like the school year will be good for all of you! Hope everything goes well at school and with your errands :0) You make me appreciate my extended family even more than I already do.

Mama Mara said...

Please add the following items to your to-do list:

- Take a long, uninterrupted bubble bath
- Eat something that your child says is stinky
- Do something completely selfish and decadent

You've earned these!

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