Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gift Baskets from Shabtai Gourmet Brand of Gluten Free Cakes & Cookies

My 14 year old son and I have become fans of the gluten free desserts from
www.cinderellasweets.com and are happy to spread the news that they are donating three different gift baskets for the Gluten Free twitter party on Friday, April 3rd.

You will have a chance at winning the contents below at 9AM, 1PM and 7:30 PM pacific standard time.

Each gift box will include:

Devils Food Seven Layer Cake

Raspberry Roll

Meltaway Crumb Cookies

Florentine Lace Cookies

Brownie Bites

Please join the party. Follow the panel members on twitter. Leave your twitter ID at the RSVP page and check out the resources page.


alison -- surefoodsliving.com said...

Those look delicious!! Being on the West Coast I have never had the pleasure of trying these.

autismfamily said...

I am in Los Angeles and they offer free shipping. I have had two orders already, exactly same each time.

Chun Wong said...

Those people who think a gluten free diet, like the GFCF, means missing out on yummy things need to look at those photos! They look so delicious and would be great treats for autistic children, without upsetting any special diets.

Dr Chun Wong

Angela Shim said...

As a holistic nutritionist from Canada raising a teenaged son with multiple sensitivities including gluten, I am always happy to find out about companies who offer delicious, appetizing products catered for those who are gluten sensitive.

Wonder if these available for shipping to Canada?

Anonymous said...

Yummy, got to remember this company for my support group. this could make a lot of very happy families.

cynthia01 said...

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