Friday, August 29, 2008

Questions for Middle School

I visited the Middle School the other day with my nonverbal son on the autism spectrum along with his male aide. I had the enrollment papers mailed to me to expedite this procedure and be prepared for the visit with my list of questions.

The person at the Attendance Office noticed my two page typed out document entitled Questions for Mioddle School, mentioning how organized I was. After we left that office we were directed to the Counselor's office. Once they realized my son has an IEP we were sent to the Bridge Coordinator. This is the person I will be in contact regarding IEP issues.

I had both IEPs for their office. The triennial in May with the due process IEP naming their school in June. The aide learned of a meeting taking place the day prior to school starting next week. We had a tour of the school, seeing the lunch area, gym building, classroom from outside and restroom facility close by. We finished at the Main office giving them the aides information.

This is the list of questions I asked the Bridge Coordinator:

Teacher name –

# of kids in class –

# of adults in class

Name and ext # for SLP, Adapt PE and OT

Name of Bridge Coordinator

Do they go to library and computer room – how often, where is it

Time for PE, how often, how long

Do you need extra sneakers for PE

Do you need socks for PE or keep same ones on?

Do socks have to be all white?

What is lockdown policy

What is discipline of special ed students policy

When and where is assembly

Phone in classroom

Bathroom in classroom

Lockers in classroom

Daily communication notebook

Where is the bus location

Where does toileting for those with diapers on take place

What is policy when aide on break and lunch

What is policy when aide is out sick for bus

How often is art, music and science – in separate rooms

Which subjects are with general ed classes

Class schedule

Field trips – how often and where in the past

I have previously written two articles at my site that are checklists for visiting classrooms.

Classroom Visitation Checklist - this is for the younger years, including preschool

Visiting Middle School Autism Classes - this is the list I had when I visited some other schools during Spring Break.


AC said...

Very helpful checklist. I actually am just starting my local network of friends with children on spectrum and don't know any with nonverbal kids, but if I did, I would forward this to them! This is helpful. You are so wise!!!

Lynne said...

Those are all excellent questions and I hope you received answers. I was previously an aide for several different students, all boys, all on the autism spectrum. Unfortunately, the school I worked at was not so organized. We (myself and my student) would make it through the year, making up our own rules to best suit the student. Thankfully, the teachers were all very supportive and worked with me to make adaptations when necessary.
Best wishes to you and your son on starting a new year!

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