Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seeking Toy Reviews for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

I am hoping to find some families that have a child on the autism spectrum that can share a review on a toy, game, sensory item or something similar. If you are not already an Amazon Associate, I suggest Signing Up for their affiliate program.

The reviews I am requesting are for the Autism Spectrum Disorders site at BellaOnline. September is just about here and traffic pick up at this time for families looking for holiday gifts for their children on the Autism Spectrum.

I am a single parent to two boys on opposite ends of the spectrum, ages 12 and 13. I am interested in getting some reviews from families who have girls and also younger children so there is something recommended on the site for all ages. This call also goes out to those with children who have the diagnosis of PDD-NOS or Asperger Syndrome.

I have been writing at BellaOnline since June of 2005. There is a 400 word minimum for articles. This should be no problem. My articles average 1000+ words. You will need to sign a Guest Contributor Agreement. This is what an article consists of:

Title - under 50 characters
Article Author - you would be listed here as guest author
Date - the article stays in archives and under subject header (toys, music, etc)
Article description - this is 300 characters
Keywords - under 300 characters
Text - 400 word minimum
Subject - I will help with this
Three links - these would be other articles on my site linked at bottom

You can do a sentence or two bio that can be placed at the bottom of the article and include your personal site or blog. Give me your amazon ID and the item on amazon you are reviewing and I will add that to the article. While the article is on the site you will get the amazon associate credit. Articles are never deleted so the article could be at the site for several years. I can help you with the title, description and key words as well.

Here are some examples of mine:

Crayola Folding Table Top Art Easel

This example has more than one product being reviewed, which is also a possiility should guest contributor have a few items and want to combine into one article. An affiliate link for each item can be placed in the article.

Leap Frog Phonics for the low functioning child

Matching and Sorting Activities for the child on the autism spectrum

Movies for children

Music and Software Reviews

I am looking for families that use toys in their home. This is not for those who own companies to market their products. The site gets 55,000 page views a month. This will be an opportunity for sharing about your family, making some amazon affiliate money and linking to your site. There is no compensation, writing at BellaOnline is a volunteer gig.

A newsletter goes out each week so the article will be linked there. Currently there are 1100 subscribers. An article can be clicked to Digg or There is a section where visitors can email an article to a friend, bringing more readers to your article.

BellaOnline does not have a comment section, but there are is a forum for the autism spectrum disorders site. I can start a thread there linking your article and can be a place for discussion of the article.

Here is what a Guest Author article looks like, note the top with the name and bottom with contact info.

Please leave a comment if you are interested and let me know the age, sex and toys or related items you can write on. Remember to check out the guest contributor agreeement as well.


hellokittiemama said...

Wow Bonnie, this is cool. I know there are stipulations on my reviews because I am the CL at Epinions in K&F section so I guess I'd have to write something completely different. Let me think about this one!

A Mom said...

I'm intersted. Son is a month shy of 10 (entering 5th grade) and has Aspergers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bonnie! Thanks for visiting my site. Thanks for the nice compliment, too. You will find me at Entrecard under "Parenting and Family"...I'm not a parent...yet! ;)
But, my audience is moms and families. I didn't really know where else I fit on Entrecard.

Have A Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

So happy to meet a fellow animal lover/rescuer. Bless you!

Jessica said...

Hi, I'm interested, but not yet quite sure what I would review. My 6yo dd has PDD-NOS (some Autistic symptoms and some AS symptoms) and is also deaf. I'm subscribing to your blog and will try to come up with some specific toys to review. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! :)

Anonymous said...

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