Friday, August 29, 2008

Twitter Tag

I practically start each day checking out Twitter and end the night or early morning hours by refreshing the page one more time as I pass the computer on my way to bed. So when I came across this twitter tag at Swept Away where I was dropping an Entrecard and seeing twitter caught my eye.

{start copy here}

+ Answer all the questions.

+ Add your twitter username to the list and leave a comment on this post so I can add you on the master list.

+ Tag other twitter users you know.

1. Who invited you to join twitter? Lisa Shea

2. How many twitter updates have you made since you signed up? 2,835

3. How many direct messages have you received so far? 220

4. On an average, how many twits do you make a day? 20+

5. How many followers do you have? 461

6. How many are you following? 437

7. Have you ever blocked/denied follow requests? yes, spammers and one recently

8. What did you write in your one line bio? writing on autism and advocating for children to be treated with respect from general public

9. Did you even bother to customize your twitter page? Nope, not interested

10. Do you think twitter is cool or is just a waste of time? cool and neat

Twitters: cherryrose | maileen1| autismfamily | Your Twitter Username

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Ritchelle said...

This is cool...I guess this twitter is good in keeping your blog's traffic too.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.Appreciate it!Acne is disturbing my peace hehe.

Take care!

Mai said...

Thanks for doing the tag. :)

CHIKAI ♥ said...

thanks for playing along! i've already added you on the list. :)

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