Sunday, December 14, 2008

Animal Agentz for Autism Twitter Day

Animal Agentz is a web based CBT program. They are offering a free subscription for autism twitter day. All you need is the password.

Children do not understand ‘how’ to relax on demand, but through playing with the Animal Agentz, they learn such techniques and can repeat them in stressful situations. Your child will remember the actions and behaviours of Bubbles the fish, Yo-Yo the Cat and the other Animal Agentz and use them when they need to remain calm.

Subscribe to the newsletter. Check out the Demos and print out a poster.

It is successful as a relaxation and coping device and makes it ideal for dealing with children in stressful clinical situations e.g. when they are facing an injection, visit to a dentist, hospital or family doctor. It is also useful in non-medical situations to help calm your child during school examinations, difficult meal times or when shopping and your child may have a tantrum, Animal Agentz can help.

Feel free to follow Animal Agentz on twitter.

This prize is available to all twitter members.

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Col said...

Bonnie ... *WOW*!!!! I am delighted that I've found your blog because ... WOW!!! (again with the "wow" ;) ... what an overflowing wealth of tools and helpful information here. I'm really blown away and grateful. I make mothers bracelets and donate 20% of the profits to autism programs because I absolutely fell in love with a little girl who has autism and took three years off from my career in order to work with her. It just really felt like the right thing to do ... you know when you feel compelled, like a life purpose sort of situation, like you were meant to be there doing that thing at that time? I still visit the family and am always on the lookout for things which could help her. Your site and blog are absolutely incredible and I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon you today. Thank you!

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