Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Prize Patrol for Autism Twitter Day

You may have read somewhere online about Autism Twitter Day. This will be on Tuesday, December 16th. Three timeslots are set for panel members to cover various topics. These are Pacific Standard Times as I am located in California with these times the most convenient for me without any distractions - 9AM, 12:30 PM and 8 PM. They will last more than one hour with the last timeframe open for discussions after the topic section panel member has finished.

I will be tweeting questions relative to the topic at hand and the winner will receive the prize once I obtain their mailing information and send it on to the prize donor. Throughout the day I will offer other opportunities for prizes. There are a few prizes that are for online usage - these are open to those twitter members anywhere in the world. To be eligible for prizes the twitter member needs to use the #ASD hashtag in their tweet response for said prize. Prizes are for US & Canada members, unless otherwise specified.

I tried unsuccessfully to get the images of the prizes into one blog post. I was unaware that Blogger puts all images at the top of the page during the editing process. Therefore to make the process easier on me and my sanity, there will be one blog post for each prize. I will edit ones later in the week with links to reviews I have done. Also for those winners who are going to blog about their prize, they can email me the link and I can add that into the appropriate post, keeping it all organized.

The listing of all twitter members who have an autism or asperger connection can be found at my Tumblr page.


Autism Reality NB said...

This is an excellent idea.

I hope that the autism acceptance promoted on Autism Twitter Day includes acceptance of the entire autism spectrum including the lower functioning, cognitively impaired persons with Autistic Disorder.

Bryan said...

Great idea. Just posted a Tweet to support you @doctor_v Keep me posted. I'll also do a blog post

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