Friday, December 12, 2008

Wei East We Help Bring Hope Collection for Autism Twitter Day

Wei East is donating their Wei East We Hope Collection for autism twitter day. These are eight best selling formulas. I have purchased the hand cream on HSN in the past. It has a wonderful scent and works well on my sensitive skin.

China Herbal Foaming Cleanser 6oz
China Herbal Youth Recaptured Serum 1 fl oz
China Herbal Eyes Alive 0.7oz
China Herbal Ultimate Renewal 1.5oz
White Lotus Defining Moment Finishing and Correcting Serum 0.5 fl oz
White Olive Tinted Lip Smoother 0.28oz
China Herbal Hand & Body Perfection 3.5oz
China Clay Purifying Masque 3.5oz

Wei Brian the founder of Wei East has a son on the autism spectrum and donates 100% of the proceeds of this collection to autism organizations.
Together WE will Help Bring Hope to Autism

This prize is available to US twitter members only.

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